The Cowardly Lions




As of Monday afternoon, the NCAA imposed one of the most stringent and stiffest set of sanctions to one of the biggest athletic programs in the country. Penn State, after the lies, cover-ups, and sexual deviancy that went on for nearly twenty years, has to deal with the massive consequences behind the Coach Paterno and Jerry Sandusky scandal. As it stands, Sandusky has been convicted of 45 criminal counts for sexually abusing 10 boys currently awaiting sentencing. The NCAA handed Penn State a $60 million dollar fine in which the university is to pay $12 million a year for the next five years to a child abuse special endowment fund. The school will also donate another $13 million to charitable foundations and organizations dedicated to children. They must vacate all NCAA Division 1 wins from 1998 through 2011 and serve five years of probation. It school will be limited to the amount of scholarships that will be given during their probation.

Up to this part of the chapter, former FBI Director Louis Freeh last week released his 267 page report that concluded Penn State officials withheld and kept quiet their involvement of sex abuse allegations that took place for almost two decades. According to the report, known allegations of Coach Paterno, athletic director Tim Curley, vice president Gary Schultz, and President Graham Spanier “repeatedly concealed critical facts relating to Sandusky’s child abuse.” The report, now used by the NCAA as to how they handed down Penn State’s fines and disciplinary rulings, has been the spark of controversy from the recent ruling to the removal of Coach Paterno’s statue outside of Beaver Stadium. 


On Sunday, I watched the live footage of when they took former Coach Paterno’s statute down, and fans outside as they whisked the statue away cried “We are…Penn State!” Over the last week the university was mum on their decision to take the statute down and kept it up despite the upcoming ruling from the NCAA. The day before the removal of the Coach’s statute, hundreds of Paterno fans were seen taking photos in front of the former landmark. But due to the current crisis the school is under, and how Paterno and Sandusky have given the football program a black eye, it was in university’s best interest to do this. And with the NCAA validating their fines and penalizing the school, Penn State University will probably never recover from this horrendous period of embarrassment. Nike has removed Coach Paterno’s name from a Beaverton campus hours after the report was released. Yet, Penn State will allow the campus library,which he and his wife donated to years ago, keep his name.

One of the biggest stories that took place while all the media hype has been on Louis Freeh’s report and the Sandusky trial has been on Coach Paterno’s alma mater, Brown University. Paterno graduated from the Providence, Rhode Island based university in 1950. School officials removed his name for the award named in his honor that was created in 1993. The school started the award for acknowledging the school’s best male freshman athlete. In a statement issued by the university they state: “In 1993 that award was renamed to honor Brown alumnus Joe Paterno ’50. In the spring of 2012, the Department of Athletics and Physical Education presented the award as it was originally created, honoring the year’s outstanding male freshman athlete but without Joe Paterno’s name attached. Now that the Freeh report has been released, the University will make a decision about the naming of the award in future years.”


In all the madness that still exists from the aftermath, its hard for me to digest that many of Coach Paterno’s fans still idolize this man and what he stood for! Why the university board of directors will allow his legacy to go on with his name on the library is beyond imagination! I can’t for the life of me understand how a coach and his staff can be immortalized when innocent kids were violated at the stake of making millions of dollars for the school and football program. What I find really sick about the Coach and faculty of Penn State is the university, police, athletic director, and the coach’s inner staff knew Coach Sandusky was molester, yet, for almost 20 years they let this go untouched! The “Cowardly Lion” Paterno still gets to live as a icon to some deranged sports fans and rich boosters.Keeping Paterno’s statue on campus is like Amnesty International awarding Pol Pot the Humanitarian of the Year Award! Or, taking Karen Carpenter to the Old Country Buffet for her last meal! Penn State’s actions were sick and reflects on the moral less values that the school hid and promoted something entirely different in public. Paterno was a man that didn’t practice what he preached and his staff and the higher ups of the university saw dollars and sex minors as  common practice. Penn State and its football program represents the immoral and outright shame to the community and how they treat and respect innocent kids. Paterno’s name should be removed from all things Penn State and affiliated with his legacy. 

The Revolution Will Be Televised,

Brian Pace

The Pace Report


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